iPad’s international channel dilemma

Ekahau recently published version 1.1 of their Survey for iPad app.

See the release notes below.


The marked regulatory domain update helps to get the full output from your Sidekick even when you use the iPad. With pre V1.1 Survey for iPad versions this wasn’t possible. How is that ?

First you have to accept, that there is no possibility to configure the channels the Sidekick will scan during your iPad surveys. The scanned channels will be configured indirectly in configuring the region on your iPad. See the screenshot for reference.


I’m in Germany. Why I’m configuring the region to <United Kingdom> ?

Because I prefer to scan the full 5 GHz band including the 5.8 GHz spectrum or UNII 3 as our friends from the US prefer to call it. The channel scan note you can see in the Ekahau Sidekick window shows you which channels will be scanned from the WLAN NIC’s AND the spectrum analyzer inside the Ekahau Sidekick.

The problem with the old iPad app was, that it didn’t help in terms of the 5.8 GHz band. Fortunately this is now and may hopefully stay a part of the past. See the screenshots for reference and check it out yourself in your own region.

Pre version 1.1 channel scan notes 36 - 140
Pre version 1.1 channel scan notes 36 – 140
Version 1.1 channel scan notes 36 - 165
Version 1.1 channel scan notes 36 – 165

For me this is the most important fix in V1.1 of Ekahau Survey for iPad. I will check out the other nice features later.


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